Network configuration for sapinst

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In order to complete an SAP installation, in particular to have services that start (…state UNKNOWN. Giving up.) niping command allows to check if name resolution is correct.
You should never have the hostname corresponding to localhost. The hostname has to be resolved to it’s own address.

This is explained in the following SAP note:

Note 1054467 – Local host name refers to loopback address
Basically, the host name of an instance should not be resolved for a loopback address. For this, you should also refer to the SAP network guides or Note 21151, point 2. The IP address of the host on which the instance runs must be unique in the network and should therefore not communicate any local loopback addresses to the outside. You can use the ‘niping’ program to check for which IP address your host name is resolved. You can use this tool to check the configuration and, if required, to adjust the configuration to the relevant positions.

./niping -v

Hostname/Nodeaddr verification:

Hostname of local computer: VEPINARD                         (NiMyHostName)

Lookup of hostname: VEPINARD                                 (NiHostToAddr)
    --> IP-Addr.:
Lookup of IP-Addr.:                           (NiAddrToHost)
    --> Hostname:

Lookup of hostname: localhost                                (NiHostToAddr)
    --> IP-Addr.:
Lookup of IP-Addr.:                                (NiAddrToHost)
    --> Hostname: localhost.localdomain

However if you do not care and do not want to be bothered by this, add the following line in instance profile:


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