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Linux transfer with rsync and ssh

To do some synchro:

rsync -P --bwlimit=250 -e 'ssh -p 22000' -apv --stats --progress
/2/ root@targetserver:/mnt/2/

-P means « partial » and is used to be able to resume a transfer
–bwlimit=xxx allows to limit bandwidth to xxx kpbs

Using SCREEN with linux debian

Install screen
Screen is a full-screen window manager that multiplexes a physical terminal between several processes.

It means that you are running a virtual terminal as a process. This allows you to do all sorts of neat things, from disconnecting and resuming the terminal where you left off, to mirroring the screen so students can watch your session, to split terminal screens. Screen is one of those tools that most system admins simply can’t live without.

apt-get install screen


screen -S sessionname

Detach the console:

Ctrl+a d

Resume a console:

screen -r sessionname

Kill a window:

Ctrl+a k

Linux IRC in console mode

Install an IRC console client:

apt-get install irssi

Connect to a server:

/server -ssl 6697

Join a channel:

/j #troll
/j #geekfault